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New release
New release
New release
Feb 16, 2023

New Cloudhooks experience

We're excited to announce the completely redesigned  Cloudhooks which is now available in beta! 🥳

With some major improvements, we tidied the dashboard, rearranged the hook editing page, and made the hook logs more actionable.

Keep a tab on your usage and spending

The dashboard has got a new, compact design so that important information is available at a glance:

Create your hook code in a true development environment

Write your hook's javascript code in an editor equipped with syntax highlighting, inspections, built-in API library, and keyboard shortcuts:

Test-run your hook with customized payloads, and analyze the outcome

Make sure your hook works as expected by running a test with a customized payload:

Analyze the hook logs, and act if something didn't go as expected

Spot runs with errors immediately on the log page, and debug the issue, re-run the hook, or copy the payload to the clipboard:

For more information about Cloudhooks, head over to our documentation pages.