Getting started

This page shows you how Cloudhooks can be installed, how to create your first hook, and how the app can be uninstalled.


Install Cloudhooks by pressing "Add app" on the app page in the Shopify app store:

If you have several stores then select the one in which the app will be installed:

On the Install page, press the "Install app" button:

As the last step, approve the pay-as-you-go billing policy of Cloudhooks:

That's it, Cloudhooks is now installed, and is ready to use!

Creating your first hook

Press the "Create hook" button on the dashboard to create your first hook:

Select a trigger event (webhook) on the "Trigger" tab:

Write the code you want to run in the event handler function on the "Hook" tab:

Event handler functions are defined like this:

module.exports = function(payload, actions) {


Parameters of the function:

  • payload - Data sent by the triggering webhook.
  • actions - An object which contains all functions you can call to trigger API requests, HTTP requests, send email, etc.

Name your hook on the "Settings" tab, and save the hook:


You can uninstall Cloudhooks by pressing the '...' button in the top-right corner, and selecting "App settings":

On the app settings page, scroll down to the bottom, and press the "Delete app" button:

When the app is deleted, all hooks and logs will disappear.

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