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For every referred customer, you’ll earn 20% of the monthly revenue  — for the lifetime of the customer.

Frequently asked questions

How much do you pay in commissions? We pay 20% of the monthly revenue of the referred customer, every month, for the lifetime of the customer.

How often do you pay your affiliates? Commissions become available for payment once the total earned reaches $30. Payments can be requested via our affiliate platform, and are paid out via PayPal.

How do I link to your app once I'm an affiliate? After you sign up, you'll be able to log in to the affiliate dashboard, and get your affiliate link on the My Apps page.

How much can I earn? Earning potential is unlimited. If you're working on Shopify stores where webhook processing is needed, you can accumulate a lot of commission.

Can I refer my own company?
No, you cannot refer yourself in any fashion. This include any Shopify store you have a controlling, proprietary, or equitable interest, and the store of the company you work for.

How can I join this program? We encourage you to join our affiliate program if you're a Shopify consultant (developer, designer), the owner of a Shopify agency, or a content creator in the Shopify space.

To sign up, fill out the sign up form, and activate your affiliate account.

Is there any cost to become an affiliate? No, it's a free program.

Do I need to be a Cloudhooks customer to become an affiliate? No. However, you should try Cloudhooks for managing the webhooks of your Shopify store, it's awesome!

How do I check my stats to see how I am doing? You'll be able to see your sales and commission results on the affiliate dashboard.

Where can I find the affiliate terms?Please refer to our Affiliate Program Terms & Agreement.